Triumph Lending, a division of Network Funding, is a residential mortgage company specializing in the origination, sale and servicing of residential mortgage loans throughout most of the United States. These residential mortgage loans include loans guaranteed by the Veterans Administration, insured by the Federal Housing Administration and the Rural Housing Department of the USDA, conforming conventional loans, jumbo conventional loans and Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (reverse mortgages).

From 2004 through 2010, NetworkÂ’’s originated loan volume increased by 459%. The number of branch offices increased during that period by 147%. As of this writing, Network is licensed in 33 states with branch offices in 22 states. In 2010, we closed in excess of $2 billion in mortgage loans.

We do not have a map with future desired locations. We do not have a chart with the largest mortgage companies listed. We do not plan our day on the basis of how to make the company larger or how to capture a greater share of business. We do not operate the company on the basis of how any other company is structured or operated. We want to be the most organized, most reliable, most dependable mortgage company in the industry. We are always willing to discuss opportunities with qualified branch managers throughout the country.