“I entered my request for quotes on Lending Tree and immediately received a deluge of calls and emails for my business. As I was evaluating the initial responses from the many lenders, the volume of their follow up quickly tapered off. However, Glen Greenbaum was professionally persistent and made several patient attempts to contact me. So professional and so persistent where his attempts to contact me, that his service already stood out as superior. I had never heard of your company, however Glen’s persistence made it easy for me to choose Network Funding. Glen’s continued persistence made it easy for me all the way through funding. I travel extensively for my work and am very busy, so an efficient process was critical. Everything was done electronically, everything made sense and Glen was on top of it all… including answering all of my questions along the way. He always answered the phone when I called and always immediately responded by my email. Thank you and your team of professionals for your hard work.” – The McClafferty Family

Reviewed On: August 18, 2014