“I am writing this commendation letter regarding one of your Network Funding LP Senior Branch Managers, Mark LaBouchardiere.

I have a lot of experience in shopping for and obtaining a mortgage. Over the years I have purchased/financed 2 condos in Austin, TX and one in Galveston, TX. I first went through my current Bank (Bank of America) and through USAA of which I have been a member for 20+ years. Neither were able to assist me with my home financing needs. Moreover, neither bank or lender were of any real help in pointing me in the right direction in order to fund my home loan.

Being a home buyer in the current volatile housing market is an often times frustrating and daunting task. From the outset of my contacting Network Funding LP until I signed on the dotted line Mark Labouchardiere provided by far the highest level of service. I could always expect a response from him in the same day; usually within an hour of asking. His hard work, tireless effort and sound advice were instrumental in the purchase of my high-rise condominium here in Galveston.

I was more than pleased with his commitment to get my loan financed. He provided me valuable professional advice, explained in detail how and when my loan would get completed and kept me well informed and ‘in the loop’ from the beginning of the actual loan process until closing was complete. Mark’s knowledge, professionalism, sincere concern for his customers and attention to detail set him apart from the norm.

Mark and his team were extremely understanding and patient with me. They all excelled well beyond my expectations in every aspect of the lending and buying process. He and the folks on his team (David Lee and Helen Tran) all did a great job of communicating with me, following up and keeping me aware of each step, document, signature, next steps along the way that were needed in securing my home loan.

I will be keeping a watchful eye on future mortgage interest rates. Mark will definitely be my first choice when I decide to refinance in the future. I will be recommending Mark to my friends, family and business associates for their home loan needs. His hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.” – The Kubis Family

Reviewed On: August 12, 2013