“Very professional and very thorough. I was constantly kept current either by personal phone calls or emails on the status of my application as it transitioned through the loan approval process. Steve handle all the difficult issues for me and made the process very simple for us although I know it was very time consuming and difficult on his end. Steve made things right when the origonal plan went bad. He actually reduced the service fee he charges to nearly nothing because of a problem he could not get resolved and he also covered the cost of a second opinion on the initial apprasial. I am sure they even covered the cost of extending the rate lock because of some difficulties the loan ran into and the extra time it took to process. I could not ask for a better experience or a better professional to handle it. Steve and his staff are some of the best folks I have ever worked with in a home loan situation, super job they did. I am very pleased and will recommend them in a heartbeat…Thanks” – The Johnston Family

Reviewed On: July 9, 2013